A company of Vikings

Because it’s better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.

Vikings on Shrooms is a military organization, and all of its members are to be treated as standby combatants, even if combat is not their primary task.

The company consists of a council and four main Divisions. As a regular Viking you will specialize in the area you find most interesting, but are free to move between Divisions as you like. You choose your level of involvement, so if you feel like you have too much or too little to do, simply talk to your Commanding Officer (CO).

The Council

Also known as High Command.

High Command is divided into two branches:

  • Strategic [non-executive]
  • Operational [executive]

These two converge at The Crown of Yggdrasil; war declarations, alliances and other decisions which affect the entire org are all done on this level.

VoS’ Community Management is responsible for the organization’s long-term goals, while the operational branch (lead by the Chief Executive Officer) figures out how we will get there. The Chairman leads, oversees and ensures that meetings run smoothly and remain orderly, and works at achieving a consensus in board decisions.

While the chairman of the board has several supervisory abilities, the CEO’s primary responsibilities are full time as the highest-ranking executive. The CEO makes all major tactical decisions, ranging from day-to-day operations to managing company resources, serving as the main point of communication between The Council and other executives.

The CEO is advised by the Commanding Officers of all Divisions, who together make up the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).

Wt are u? Casul?

Public Relations Division

Other people play the game, our game is the people.

The PR-Division is responsible for marketing, internal documentation and public events. Propaganda includes visual and auditory imagery on social platforms and in-game, including streaming.

  • Internal documents are those that concern the entire organization, such as (but not limited to) the website, organizational plans and steering documents.
  • Public events include both IRL- and in-game events, such as organized racing.
  • Journalism is done in-game, reporting major events to the community.
  • Ministry of Propaganda handles all audio and imagery-related marketing.
  • The Recruitment Office is primarily responsible for interviewing and sorting new members into corresponding divisions.
  • The Embassy covers foreign relations and counterintelligence, actively working on de-escalating conflicts, discussing agreements and working against espionage.

There are several career paths in PR, and we are constantly looking for people who are either skilled in working with people or willing to learn. If you enjoy  broadcasting, intelligence work, spreadsheets or Photoshop, this Division is for you.

Combat Division

Some are morally against violence.

They are protected by those who are not.

The Combat Division covers all combat oriented tasks, and is responsible for being prepared for such situations; this covers everything from fleet-to-fleet combat to single FPS-encounters. Combat works in close relationship with other divisions, providing escorts and security forces for industry, logistics and science expeditions, both within the organization and to external, friendly parties. Apart from direct and indirect combat, the division also runs its own combat oriented  reconnaissance and bounty hunting missions, and is directly responsible for the combat training of other Divisions through the use of ambulating instructors.

At the Combat Division we are looking for individuals who have good communication skills, both written and oral, good first-person shooter and strategy mentality, especially for close quarters combat (CQC), asymmetrical warfare and dogfighting. As a person you are analytical, careful and responsible, and you have a strong sense of integrity.

You can of course join the division regardless of your skill level, but competition is high and the opposition fierce. So if you like a challenge, this is the career for you.

Industry Division

Laughing all the way to the bank.

Industry covers everything that has to do with capital, such as securing, processing and trading resources. This includes (but is not limited to): construction, processing, production, smuggling, logistics, mining and trade. The division makes use of technical analysis and other financial strategies to further our agenda, as well as predatory economics to place our adversaries in unfavorable positions.

As a member of industry and commerce, you will be responsible for the maintenance and development of all things logistics, commerce and industry throughout the division supply chain. 

We´re looking for talented individuals who have:

  • Experience from strategy games or economics sims.
  • Commercial awareness of the world market and an ability to liaise effectively with others.
  • Strong analytical skills and a keen eye for detail.
  • Proven experience of systemised improvements to logistics processes.
  • Sound decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Fluent in English
  • Previous experience in logistics / supply and demand planning in games (Meriting with knowledge from EVE-online)

If you want to be part of a rapidly growing organisation that offers you full autonomy, and to be part of a dynamic and entrepreneurial environment, this is the place for you.

Science Division

Ambition before all else.

The Science Division is responsible for exploration, medicine, research and development. This includes both actual research within the game and theory-crafting, as well as the development of new tools outside of the game.

At the Science division you become part of a competent, driven and committed team that wants to accomplish what others can’t. Overall, the role is to systematically improve VoS in cooperation with officers from other divisions by developing, coordinating and supporting the work within the company. Utilizing exploration skills, the science division also conduct search and rescue operations (with refitted science vessels as mobile hospitals) to ensure the well being of the entire company.

We are looking for dedicated citizens with an eye for detail and perfection. You have experience working with others and have a systematical approach when handling a task.

If you are you interested in an exciting and significant division where you have great opportunities to influence, support and develop the entirety of VoS, you belong here.

This webpage is administrated by the Ministry of Propaganda. For questions and feedback please contact [VoS]Draug.