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Star Citizen

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Why should I join VoS?

Because you’re looking for an active gaming community where you can make friends for life. You want to surround yourself with quality people who fuel your ambition, who makes you better and who are glad that you are there. You also want the autonomy to decide your own level of involvement.

Can I still play with other orgs if I’m in VoS?

Yes, read the Terms of Agreement for details.

I’m a streamer, can I stream while playing if I join VoS?

Unless you are performing a mission, yes. See Rules in #org-info on our Discord for specifics.

Do you engage in pirating?

No, but SpecOps engage in asymmetric warfare and cross-border raids on military targets.

Do you have a fleet list?

Yes, but it’s classified.

How much time must I commit if I want to be a part of VoS?

Depends on your role in the org. You decide yourself your level of involvement, but you must meet the minimum requirements, set by your commanding officer. These mandatory activities differs from daily to monthly depending on position.

Why are we so few in the org with so many people in the community?

Because the game is in Alpha. A lot of people in the community is interested in SC, but have better things to do than committing to an unfinished game.

Can I join VoS and only be a civilian?

No,  VoS is a military organization, all vikings carry an axe.

But I hate combat! Why do I have to participate in training? All want to do i grow shrooms!

Because it’s better to be a soldier in a garden than a gardener in a war.

I just wanna play Star Citizen,do I have to be part of the community?

VoS is a social gaming community, that however doesn’t mean you need to be social all the time. However, if you have no intention to get to know other people  you should join another org.

I sometimes need to be away for long periods of time, will I be kicked from the org because of this?

Not if you announce your absence to an officer.

What is our plan in Star Citizen exactly?

To have fun and meet new people, build an extraordinarily community with real friends, and slice out a piece of the universe.

Who makes all the cool posters?

The Ministry of Propaganda (MOP) – a team of creative community members.

Why do you use Discord instead of Spectrum?

Because we don’t trust the admins on Spectrum; many of them are members of spy orgs.

Why do I have to give you my e-mail and other contact information if I want to join you?

How else would we contact you? We collect your e-mail, Discord-ID and SC-Handle, simply so we can get in touch with you. If the discord server crashes or you become unavailable on Spectrum because whatever reson we can still (hopefully) reach you trough mail.

Organization specific questions2018-07-04T13:13:10+00:00

Would you classify VoS as a lawful org?

We’re true neutrals, and abide our own Rules of Engagement.

Do you respect others laws?

If we are guests in their house, yes.

Are you interested in alliances?

No, but we love friends and strive to become good neighbors.

I’m a diplomat of another org, how do I establish an embassy?

Announce your position on our Discord.

How do I join a certain Division?

You don’t have to join a certain division in order to participate in activity, unless you want to become a specialist. In that case talk to the DC (Division Commander).

How do I know who’s the commander of a specific Division?

That info isn’t public, but you can find it rather easy once you become a member.

How do I become an officer?

Talk to the commander of the division you want to be an officer in. If no commander is present, talk to High Command.

How do I get into SpecOps?

Talk to the CDC (Combat Division Commander).

I want to become a division commander and rule entire fleets, where do I sign up?

You don’t – you inspire other vikings until they deem you fit to lead. Let the recruitment officers at your interview know that you want to lead, they will patch you through to the right people and make sure you get proper training.


Trivia questions2018-07-02T15:16:20+00:00

What’s a pleb?

Pleb is short for plebian, derived from the period of the Ancient Romans. The plebeians were the general body of Roman citizens and those who were privileged were labeled patricians. In gaming a pleb is a shitty player without self respect who complains rather than practices. Thus the proverb: git gud, pleb. (Practice more, you failure of a human being!)

What’s the best way to make credits in game?

Mining or Illicit trading – just make sure to bring an escort.

When will the game be finished?

When Chris Roberts says so.

What does T.B.A. mean?

To be announced – in other words, it has not been made public, or not been decided.

I don’t know what to do in Star Citizen, what should I do?

  1. Be social
  2. Practice dogfighting
  3. Practice FPS
  4. Make money.

What does varangian mean?

Medieval Greek word for Scandinavians.

What does Särkland mean?

The arab countries. Särk is old norse for tunic = särkland is the land where people only ever wear long tunics.

What does Miklagård mean?

Old Norse for Constantinople in medieval Greece (Istanbul in modern day Turkey).

What does berserk (barsärk) mean?

Bar is old norse for naked. Särk means tunic. Barsärk means you go around half naked.

This game is too damn hard, what should I do?

Practice until you git gud, pleb.

Why is the game so buggy?

Because the game is in Alpha.

Where do you get all the cool material for your posters?

Look here, artists are listed at the bottom.

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