So you want to make a career?

Because a Company is but a reflection of it’s leadership.

Vikings on Shrooms prides itself on it’s structured organization and as such we offer career paths similar to the ones you would see in a traditional Military Company. The organization is divided into two branches: Strategic and Operational.

Any member of Vikings on Shrooms can apply to become an officer. The recruitment process differs depending on the position applied for. If you apply for a position within a division, the division commander will most likely handle the process.

Strategic Branch

Decide what needs to get done

The strategic branch monitors the company, oversees the CEO, evaluates the divisions’ profitability and long-term health, and suggests appropriate action.

Positions within the strategic branch includes, but is not limited to:

The chairman presides over board meetings and conducts its business in an orderly fashion. When the board is not in session, the Chairman’s duties include acting as its head, its representative to the outside world and its spokesperson.

The Board of Directors is the highest authority in the company. The board’s mandate is to establish policies for corporate management and oversight, and make decisions on major company issues.

A council advisor  is the highest possible position within QA. These advisors are allowed to attend board meetings in order to assist, review and supply auxiliary viewpoints so that the board can make the best possible decision. They are generally handpicked for their outspokenness and critical thinking.

QA review the published works and internal documents of the company in order to provide feedback.

Recruitment officers search for, handpick, and interview possible future members of the company.

A diplomat is a person appointed by the board to conduct diplomacy with one or more other organizations.

The main functions of diplomats are:

  • Representation and protection of the interests of VoS.
  • Initiation and facilitation of strategic agreements.
  • Treaties and conventions.
  • Promotion of information regarding trade, commerce and technology.
  • Friendly relations.

Operational Branch

Get shit done

The operational branch is primarily active within the game. Here you find the actual players, organized into four synchronized divisions.

Division ranks are as follows:

The chief executive officer (CEO) is the highest-ranking executive in the company, whose primary responsibilities include making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of the company, as well as acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors and corporate operations. The CEO holds a position on the board and is advised by the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).

The division commander (DC) is a division’s highest ranking officer. The DC have the overarching work of managing and developing the division, meaning that they are the ones that have to make sure each division fulfills its purpose. Together, the division commanders make up the Joint Chiefs of Staff, whose role is to provide advise for the CEO.

The assistant division commander (ADC) is the second highest in command within a division. If the division commander is absent for whatever reason, the ADC acts as its commanding officer. In daily activity the ADC provides advise, support, feedback and secondary opinion. The ADC is not part of the JCS.

A fleet commander (FC) commands a fleet consisting of 2 or more ships, and may split the fleet into wings.

A wing commander (WC) commands a wing as part of a fleet, and may split the wing into squads.

A squad leader (or squad commander) is a non-commissioned officer who leads a squad of varying size. If the squad leader is in possession of a ship, he or she acts as captain with crew, and may split the crew into teams.

A team leader (or team commander) is a non-commissioned officer who leads a team of varying size as part of a squad. If the team leader is in possession of a ship, he or she acts as captain with crew.