C.1 General regulations

1 § VoS is an exclusive org. (See appendix for details)
2 § A person must be 18+ in order to apply.
3 § A minimum amount of active participation is required. (See appendix for details)
4 § The ability to join voicecom is required for membership (voicecom will only be mandatory on specific occasions).
5 § All members of the company are combatants by default, and should be prepared for combat at all times.
6 § Members will have to undergo basic military training. (See appendix for details)
7 § Members are free to visit, fight and work with other divisions, as long as it does not hinder them from completing their primary tasks.
8 § Members may join a division of choice, and specialize in whatever field they choose.
9 § Specialized members are free to temporally maneuver between divisions – permanent transfer to another division must be reported to and granted by both division offices.
10 § Salaries will be adjusted to reflect a member’s commitment. Complaints can be made to the current DC, who is authorized to make a final decision.
11 § The org reserves the right to tax members (UEC) for war funds and investments.
12 § The Council (High Command) reserves the right to change requirements at any time and may reorganize members if needed.
13 § Public Relations will create an account on the VoS community website for each new member. 
14 § All members are equally responsible to strive towards VoS’ endgame goal, to build a stimulating, accepting and politically incorrect social community.

C.2 In relation to other organizations

1 § Members are free to accept whatever foreign contract or mission they want and pursue whatever specialty they desire, as long as it does not interfere with the company’s agenda.
2 § Individuals or squads may offer services to other orgs as long as this does not interfere with the company’s agenda. (See appendix for details)
3 § All members are to follow the Rules of Engagement (ROE).

C3. Officer regulations

1 § All divisions will differ from each other in levels of commitment as some will be more hardcore than others.
2 § Members have the ability to transfer between divisions, squads, wings and fleets. Members may be transferred on order if needed.
3 § The org is ruled by a collective of senior members in The Council, consisting of a Chairman, a CEO, board members and supporting staff. The Chairman has strategic authority, while the CEO has operational authority.
4 § Officers are free to participate in any mission regardless of division, provided that they are competent and the missions don’t interfere with their primary responsibilities.
5 § All officers agree that shit happens, and understands that some people might have to work harder on occasion.
6 § The organization has a common treasury for central investments as well as separate treasuries managed by respective divisions. Division budgets may differ.
7 § Division commanders (DC) are responsible for the budget of respective division.
8 § Division commanders can nominate potential officers to the board.
9 § Division commanders are free to set whatever requirements for her/his division they see fit, along with certain requirements for specialized squads.
10 § Division commanders are expected to participate in the planning and execution of Joint Operations, as well as advising the CEO in the JCS.

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