Exclusive Membership

Vikings on Shrooms is an exclusive org, which means that you vow loyalty to VoS exclusively as specified in the Terms of Agreement. If you join any other organization alongside VoS in the SC universe this contract is void. You are however free to work with and for other orgs, and we encourage you to do so, as representatives of VoS.

We will use a communal economic system once the game goes live; members will pay tax to the org in order to fund expeditions and org investments. In return, members will receive salary, payout and will be able to use org-funded ships on operations. Non-exclusive membership means that the profits will be split between several tax systems and one might try to abuse the system to fund other orgs. During potential conflict between organizations we need all members to be prepared and ready for combat; if a member is part of two rivaling orgs, a clear conflict of interest will arise.


Vikings on Shrooms has no intentions to join any alliances but is instead striving for cross-org collaborations and friendly relations with neighbours.

Alliance translates to obligations, especially military ones. If an ally is attacked by a third party we are obligated to declare war on said third party, regardless of reason. If war arises due to  stupidity on our allies’ part, we are held accountable alongside them.

Cross-org collaborations translate to VoS being held accountable for our involvement but no one else’s. We are looking for:

  • Information sharing
  • Resource gathering and processing
  • Commercial trade
  • Cross-competence training
  • Social events
  • PvE raids