About Vikings on Shrooms (VoS)

Vikings on Shrooms (stylised VoS) is a metagaming community primarily consisting of Scandinavian and western European members of whom around 400 are currently active.

We generally seek mature players with a dank (and preferably) politically incorrect sense of humour.

Many of us are 25+ years of age, so we don’t suggest you coming here unless you are 18, as our general atmosphere is NSFW.

We have members of both sexes and even more genders (often resulting in some hilarious discussions).

A common Viking on Shrooms

Why “Vikings on Shrooms?”

It’s a joke; Scandinavian of the ancient world used Amanita Muscaria in order to unlock their hidden potential. We honour their memory by naming ourselves after their actions. Vos also means us in latin – bet you didn’t know that?

So is everyone welcome?

You’re more than welcome to join us if you have the capacity to use common sense and respect those around you, and sacrifice you all of your free time of course. In some competitive games we might have certain requirements, but you can still join the community.

Where are the forums?!

This is the future, mate, there are no forums. Use the discord.

Discord, teamspeak, forums… what am I supposed to use?!

Information is distributed in the following priority.

  1. Website
  2. Discord
  3. All other media

Voice programs such as Team Speak, Mumble and Spectrum are all used as a complement to the discord and the website, where the most important information is distributed.

How did VoS come to be?

The birth of VoS is a violent and mythic tale worthy of legends… so stay a while and listen!


Vikings on Shrooms as a community has its roots in the Guild Wars 2 community Three Crowns, which was the official Swedish Guild.

Following some internal drama (and general boredom with the game) many members wanted to continue playing together outside GW2. This, however, was not encouraged by the TC administration, and so three pioneers created a new metagame community that would later be named Vikings on Shrooms – hinting at its Swedish origin topped with a politically incorrect, humorus and open minded atmosphere.

Following the exodus, Three Crowns was officially disbanded, and replaced with Ruthless.

Over the years VoS has had over 700 registered members, of whom around 100 are active today.

We are currently focused on Black Desert Online (EU) but we also play other games – such as Ark, League of Legends and DayZ – and we are very excited for Star Citizen.

Community Rules

More specific rules may apply to specific games, but these always go for the entire community

  • Please use TeamSpeak or Discord as much as you can. It’s great for bonding with the community, and it helps tremendously in-game.
  • If you have a problem with another Viking, take it up with one of our admins; don’t make troubles for others because you can’t keep it together.
  • We require you to speak fluent English if you are to join us in the war against everyone, since communication is the key to success!
  • Don’t treat people like you want to be treated. Who knows what kind of fucked up mental state you’re in – instead treat them with decency and common respect.
  • If someone chooses to ignore these simple guidelines they are kindly asked to leave… then forcibly thrown out.


Martin “Mishee” Jacobsson

Shroom Cook

Tracing his ancestry line back to the beginning, when Vikings were still hunting dinosaurs, Mishee is among the craziest Vikings on shrooms you can find. He is also the community manager, organizing the discord and the website. If you have questions about the community, you might just want to give him a shout. Make sure to bring shrooms if you do. Lots of shrooms.

Discord: Mishee#0886

Youssef “Draug” Ghazala

Propaganda Minister

Draug is the art director of VoS, and is also responsible for the marketing department, sarcastically named Ministry of Propaganda. He’s a nice guy but can’t spell, even with a gun to his head. If you have ideas or complaints about the looks of VoS, or if you want to participate in propaganda campaigns, you should contact him.

Discord: Draug#9174



Field Marshall

Whenever operational command has a problem, they send D9. Need a person killed in a game? Send D9. Need an army to take down an enemy guild? Send D9. Born and raised in Stockholm, and still, none of us have ever met him. In truth, we’re still not sure if the handsome devil in this picture is actually him.

Discord: DeathNine#4315

Ministry of Propaganda



Benzo has always had a calming effect on those around her, hence her nickname. Both a flower girl and a language nerd; at VoS she’s responsible for double-checking the rhetoric of the propaganda department, that is when she’s not driving around in a spaceship or ganking noobs in Bloodborne.

Discord: Benzo#9356


Propaganda director

Balboa used to be a factotum for Roy Anderson, working with everything from costume design to concept art, until she decided it was time to Git Gud herself. As an aspiring director/scriptwriter, she usually directs propaganda movies that she often stars in herself. If you’re curious about her work, you can find it here.

Discord: Balboa#1840

Contact us

We used to have a contact field here but, since this is the future and not the nineties, we removed it.
No, we won’t give you our e-mail address; if you want to contact us, use the discord. <3

This webpage is administrated by the Ministry of Propaganda. For questions and feedback please contact [VoS]Draug.