4 years later

The embers still glow

After four years of exile VoS has decided to return to the world of ArcheAge. Once renowned as a feared PvP guild, we left the scene when the game went full Pay 2 Win. With the introduction on Unchained, we like many others are making our long-awaited return. This time we are a bit older, a bit more mature and a bit more humble, with the goal of meeting new, interesting people rather than winning the PvP arena at all costs.

Whether you are a PvP oriented played aiming for hardcore duelling or all out war, a PvE player striving to face world bosses, or just someone looking for a place to call home, we have a spot for you.

We are not a die hard, no-life, PvP guild only accepting NEETs. Sometimes it is more rewarding to lose a fight than winning it, especially when your entire team is going down with the ship, laughing out loud.


Cross-border Raids, Skirmishes, Duels and Wars

We have always enjoyed PvP and prefer to do so in organised teams,  drawing experience all the way from ARMA to EvE online.

We aim to make sure our teams strives to be the best they can be –  whether just messing around on the battlegrounds or taking the fight to the enemy under the banner of a commander. As a member of a raiding team you are expected to represent the guild to the best of your ability.

We are always looking for more skilled officers and all members of this team are expected to follow the operational staff who do their best to ensure success on the battlefield.

While our raiding teams will prioritise skilled players first, we are of course at the same time looking for new blood to help develop skills of their own. To achieve this we offer various PvP focused events for all players.

As long as you’re social and can take orders, you are a valuable asset regardless of your skill level.


Financial Empires, World Bosses and Dungeons

While our primary focus is on PvP we are also looking to develop players to join teams focusing on the highest echelons of PvE, pushing the boundaries of both their gear and the skills to achieve even greater heights.

For these teams we are looking for dedicated players with an eye for tactics and strategy as well as the knowledge of dungeon mechanics and design to traverse the dangers of the ocean to claim the rewards hidden beneath.

We are looking for social players with prior knowledge or willingness to learn fight mechanics and tactics as well as time and patience while we develop the team.

We are recruiting people with prior experience to help bolster the team’s knowledge base and skill to help down bosses. So if your previous experience is from AA or another guild we would be happy to welcome you. The same goes for skilled PvE players who may not of yet touched PvE raids but are interested.

Want to make a difference?

We’re looking for officers

Help community members get settled: ArcheAge has a rather steep learning curve, as an officer, you’re expected to help community members by answering questions and pointing people in the right direction.

Lead raid parties (PvP): We will conduct cross border raids on strategic targets. For example boarding and claiming trade caravans and armadas. As an officer you will lead small teams as a part of a larger force

Lead raid parties (PvE): We will run PvE raids on world bosses and dungeons, as officer you will help organize people or lead the raid yourself.

Enforce community rules and personify the spirit of VoS: Not all members will respect the fact that they are part of a larger whole, as an officer you are expected to hold people back from griefing and act as a good example by being a good mate.

Develop social skills and grow as a person: We’ve been using IRL methods for internal development programs since 2012, educating our officers how to lead teams in organised hierarchies using SCRUM and personal feedback. If you’re looking for a chance to grow sills you can use in real life, our officer program is for you.


  • Level: None
  • Age: 18+
  • Server: Belstrom
  • Discord is mandatory.
  • Voice Com is mandatory for team events.
  • Further requirements for specific content such as sPvP, Raids or Dungeons can be found by speaking to the relevant officer in charge.


  • English only in guild chat.
  • Kick after 2 weeks offline, initial at the start; vacation etc is an exception to the rule.
  • KOS is allowed, Pirating is allowed, Griefing isn´t.
    • Definition of Griefing: A player who repeatedly, with no obvious actual gain, deliberately irritates and harasses other players within the game; Killing low geared or low-leveled characters repeatedly for the sole purpose of getting your ego dick sucked.