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Do you have what it takes?

Katten 🇸🇪

Erik Jacobsson | Katten#0636 |  PDXKATTEN


“Vikings on Shrooms have always had an eye for high-tier competitive play, and League of Legends is no exception. In 2020 I decided to gather our best players and aim for professional play, since then we have won several tournaments, and we are now aiming for the big e-sports leagues.

Our e-sport team consists of a handful players, but our League-division consists of around 100 more, many looking to become good enough for professional play. So either if you are looking for a place to get better or aim to go pro you are welcome to join us, no matter what skill level you are at.”

Rin 🇧🇪

Rinji Pelckmans |  LoLRinji


Lundgrenss 🇸🇪

Johan Lundgren 


Jaatatai 🇸🇪

Thana Prompang


mastawinda 🇸🇪

Marc Miettinen


ltisghas 🇸🇪

Nibras Khan


Μoto Μoto 🇸🇪

Hampus Erlandsson


Want to join us?

We’re looking for players

Help yourself by helping others: By sharing knowledge and strategies with others, you force yourself to analyze and understand your own behavior. As your  training partners become harder to beat, you press yourself harder.

Enforce community rules and personify the spirit of VoS: Not all members will respect the fact that they are part of a larger whole, as a competetive member you are expected to hold people back from toxic behavior and act as a good example by being a good mate.

Develop social skills and grow as a person: We’ve been using IRL methods for internal development programs since 2012, educating our members how to lead teams in organised hierarchies using SCRUM and personal feedback. If you’re looking for a chance to grow skills you can use in real life, our training program is for you.

Common rules

  • English only in common chat.
  • No politics/NSFW – we’re here to play games.
  • Be Civil – we don’t accept toxic behavior
  • Listen to feedback – you’re here to work in a team, not to inflate your ego.
  • Help the Newbies – you were once a noob too.


  • Ranked in High Diamond or above
  • Be 18+
  • Located In Northern Europe
Other Merits
    • Good understanding of team macro
    • Good communication skills
    • A large and varied champion pool