Vikings on Shrooms

The first sip is for the foe

Vikings on Shrooms intend to have a major presence in Star Citizen as one of the most dedicated organizations in the universe. Through the use of adaptable organizational structure, strong chain of command and a clear set of goals we aim to cut out a piece of the heavens and call it home.

The second is for the friend

For the ones we would like to call friends we intend to be a universal provider of every aspect of security; from corporate operations and commercial risk to planetary investment. If you belong to a friendly organization we can supply you with security, auxiliary forces and small specialised teams trained for covert operations.

The third sip is for you, looking for a home

We look for devoted people willing to emotionally invest themselves in the company and its agenda. In return we offer you a unique opportunity to hone your skills, learn new ones, and meet friends for life. Our members stretch from former service members, streamers, teachers and academics to flower girls and students.

Now finish your drink

In order to apply to the company, you will have to go through a recruitment process, ensuring that you are fit to be a Viking. Either fill out our application form and leave us your contact information, or get in touch with an officer at our recruitment office through our discord.

A company of vikings

Widespread and multifaceted, yet focused when needed

It takes twenty seven bones and six muscle groups in order to bend five fingers into one human fist – our company works exactly the same. Everyone in VoS specializes in a set of tasks of one’s own choosing, forming a superorganism able to adapt on the spot.

As a member, this means you are to specialize in what you do best while still being able to do things outside of your primary role. A dedicated combat pilot may be a trader in their spare time while an industrialist can hunt bounties when materials are scarce.

Akin to a superorganism, the flexible nature of the organization allows the entire company to mobilize, shift focus, or adjust to sudden unforeseen situations.

From raiding to trading, from heaven to earth

The first longboats left Scandinavia in the late 8th century, and since then we Vikings have always been on the forefront of technology, discovery and combat. Our entrepreneurship is a virtue gifted by the gods, and we continuously use that gift to break new ground, whether on planets or in space.

Like our ancestors before us, some favor gems over steel, or science before faith, and as such you as member are free to specialize under corresponding division. However, all members are free to visit, fight and work with other divisions, as long as it does not hinder them from completing their primary task.

As a miner you will probably want to get acquainted with the combat team, and why not do some exploring while you’re at it?

Some Vikings prefer digging up metal rather than burying it in the skull of others.

As a Viking you will be attached to one divisions at a time. However, all of our ancestors, whether raider or trader, carried an axe – and the same goes for us. VoS is a military unit at the core, for only a warrior may enter Valhalla. Military training is mandatory for all members, but to a varying degree depending on your role.

Company Structure

“Yggdrasil is tall, and its roots run deep”

The company structure has changed a little since we switched out longboats for spaceships, and may be likened to the tree of life.

Company Structure - Click for larger image

At the crown sits the Council; consisting of the eldest and the most high ranking officers in the company. From the stem stretches a number of branches with diplomats and special agents answering directly to the council.

The true magic, however, happens beneath the surface, where the roots run deep in the form of a number of divisions. Every Division is managed by a Commander and a group of senior officers, all experts in their craft. Beneath these you will find the regular members, who are all part of one or more Divisions, allocating their energy and time to prioritized tasks.

Company Structure - Click for larger image

Company vision

One step closer to Valhalla

Like our ancestors, the goal of every man and woman in Vikings on Shrooms is to please the gods and, like the vikings before us, we do so on in a number of ways. However, no man may enter Valhalla through any means other than battle, and as such we are and always have been a military company at the core.

With the favour of Odin, granted to us through the visions of the mushrooms that glow in the dark, we will cut out a piece of the heavens.

We will conquer planets, stand shoulder to shoulder with those who honour trade and agreements and, with their help, or by our on volition, we will march one heavy step after another, on our way to Valhalla.

Modern military solutions for sale

Stretching back to the Varangian guard

Ever since emperor Basil II formally established the Varangian Guard back in 988 AD, VoS has excelled at offering reliable security services to a number of charismatic clients through the ages, serving under a plethora of different flags.

As imperial guards, not only did we provide security for the Byzantine emperors, but also participated in several wars, often playing a decisive role, as we were generally deployed at critical moments of battle.

Due to the heritage of VoS, the organization has kept a predominantly Norse staff (with employees from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland alike) for many hundreds of years. According to the late Swedish historian Alf Henriksson in his book Svensk Historia (History of Sweden), the Scandinavian Varangian guardsmen were recognized by their “long hair, a red ruby set in the left ear and ornamented dragons sewn on their chainmail shirts“.

An illumination of Varangian Guardsmen from the Skylitzis Chronicle

In those years, Scandinavian men left to enlist in the Byzantine Varangian Guard in such numbers that a medieval Swedish law from Västergötland declared that no one could inherit while staying in “Greece”—the old Scandinavian term for the Byzantine Empire – to stop the blatant emigration.

Today the company has grown, not only to a global, but a universal deliverer of military-grade security, within the public as well as the private sector, and with members stretching across the galaxy.

However, the company headquarters is still stationed in Old Stockholm back on Earth, and the core of the company is still made up of the Swedes, Norwegians, Danes and Icelanders, whose ancestors served in the royal courts back in the 11th century.

As an accomplished and multi-skilled military organization we can offer you units reaching from a few individuals to entire divisions. No task is too trivial not to be guarded, nor too large to secure.

Remember; whether a lonely entrepreneur or the head of state, everyone has something worth protecting, and that protection shouldn’t be reserved for the 1%.

Hostile manoeuvring, black ops and proxy conflicts

Are you an executive trying to ensure the safety of your investment? Perhaps you are an experienced trader who is growing tired of pirates hijacking your transports. Or maybe you simply want that extra bit of freedom on your next business conference? Regardless of whether you are simply a normal citizen concerned for their own safety, or a diplomatic entrepreneur looking for additional security, we are your solution.

VoS has been on the forefront of political manoeuvring since the Medieval ages. Simply whisper your wishes and see them take form, as we have the ability to move outside the chessboard on your behalf, and deliver that which conventional forces can not.

We offer our clients nothing but absolute discretion and complete customer confidentiality.


We pride ourselves in our ability to offer secure and reliable services tailored after your own personal needs. No client is the other alike and our rates reflect the quality provided, which are widely acknowledged to be among the best on the market.

Terms of Agreement

Not everyone is fit to be a Viking

In order to work as a unit, we require you to agree to a Set of Terms (TOA) and the company Rules of Engagement. (ROE)

These terms and rules are not negotiable, and cause of dishonour upon those who break them.

Please click here to view the full set of TOA.

Please click here to view the full set of ROE.

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