The foundation is laid

With seven years behind us since the foundation of Vikings on Shrooms, 2018 marked the first dedicated year for [VoS] in Star Citizen. The org was founded all the way back in 2014 but it would take four years of solid planning before we opened the door for non-community members.

As you can see from the internal roadmap, we managed to hit all of our yearly goals except two (which have been delayed until Q1 2019). In this chronicle we will walk you through all of them.

2017 was the year of final preparations but it took several months into 2018 before we felt that we had a ToA and RoE that would properly convey what VoS is trying to achieve.

With ground rules set we could finally decide on how we want the organization to work in-game; the former logistics division was merged with industry, Mike was appointed to CEO and we could finally start delegating responsibilities to our newly appointed division commanders.

Logistics + Industry = ♥

Because of the metagame in SC (Espionage, propaganda, misinformation and scamming) we decided that we needed an extra layer of security on the discord. Mike went through quite an ordeal in order to straighten out roles and permissions but the results were no doubt worth it.

Today we have a number of guests and ambassadors lurking on our discord server in addition to our own org- and community members. We’ve made contact with over a dozen organizations out there, slowly spreading awareness as well as gaining strategic information for future planning.

With most of the groundwork done, we finally started our external recruitment on April 1st 2018. Ryohirst was the first to undergo an interview after seeing one of our ads on Spectrum, and we have since continuously expanded upon both the written application and the interview format itself.

Today, our propaganda campaign on Spectrum includes no less than 80 posters divided between 10 different ads – a campaign unparalleled by any other organization on Spectrum and a true testament to our ambitions.

After a training session in Arma 3, Graven voiced concerns that management expected too much of people who have never had any real-life military training. The terminology, procedures and routines were taken for granted and, as an individual new to all this, he didn’t feel like he was learning anything.

As a response we created the Infantry Training Course in Arma 3, covering the very basics of the fire team – since then we have had multiple training sessions, both in Arma and in SC.

We want to do all training in SC but  in its current state, neither Star Marine nor the PU provides us with the necessary tools to make training effective or enjoyable. Star Marine and Arena Commander uses legacy tech, and the PU requires substantial amounts of aUEC for weapons, ammo and equipment. Thus, until we can perform proper training in SC, we will keep on using Arma 3 as our platform for infantry training.

With 3.3 we wanted to increase our activity but the game was still in a state of complete mess, and so an old tradition was reborn, commonly known as Fucked up Friday. Countless bugs, crashes and unforeseen features later, we still pour our drinks and get fucked up at the end of the week.

We’ve started monitoring our scheduled activities by implementing a mission board and, judging from the statistics, people seem to enjoy flying drunk.

632 Community Members| 38 SC-Members | 171% Growth

The SC-team has increased from 14 to 38 members, all vetted and interviewed.

As of today, we have 623 community members on the discord, with 170-240 daily active users. A lot of these come from BDO-related exposure.

Most of our new SC-members seem to have been exposed to our recruitment ads on spectrum, or invited to the discord directly.


Executive analytics

The growth is best shown on discord for the overall community. The use of our combat guide has been more active than expected and the use peaks during FuF or any other scheduled events.

We still advertise discord as our primary platform and the website as a digital flyer.

1.Reach 40 dedicated organization members

Currently: 37 registered members + 1 evocati

We failed to reach 40 people, not due to a lack of recruits, but because about 30% of our applicants failed to meet our requirements. The most common reasons include having a lone wolf-mentality that makes people unfit to work in teams, as well as the unwillingness to dedicate themselves exclusively to a hardcore org. Other reasons include an overall casual attitude towards what we are trying to achieve, and we don’t do casual.

2. Employ a full set of division commanders

Combat DC
Industry DC
Science DC

We failed to appoint a division commander for science division for two reasons: the current unknowns of science mechanics in-game and internal disagreements on what roles science division will play in joint operations.

Both of these goals are expected to be met in January of 2019.

2017 was the year of final brainstorming, 2018 was the year we started building our actual foundation and 2019 will be the year where we finalize that foundation. Expect more in-game practice, more events, and more overall activity.

The company roadmap of 2019 remains classified until the end of the year, but I can tease that it contains no less than 19 paragraphs in the moment of me writing this, so know that even though it might be quiet in the discord channels you have available, a lot is happening behind the scenes.

If you wish to become more involved in the company, and help us build the best damn org out there, make sure to let us know, because we are always in need of more good officers who can lead the way for others.

We hope you’ve had a merry Christmas and we wish you all the best in the year to come. None of this would be possible without the people who devote their time to make this organization work, and so there are no other words to end this chronicle than by saying thank you.

Thank you for being a part of this.