The frustration is real

2019 saw the lowest public interest of Star Citizen since July 2013. With the project being delayed time and time again, this hardly comes a surprise. The Public Universe has seen some astonishing updates this year, but also game breaking patches and a new flight model that many claim are subpar to what we used to have.

For Vikings on Shrooms it’s been a year of frustration, mainly because we haven’t been able to play together in the PU as much as we had hoped. This forced us to be creative, pass the time with other games and meet up IRL for cocktails and fika.

This year we had several members all over the world visiting Stockholm for cocktails and fika, with Scott coming all the way from California to meet community members in real life. Graven managed to find a pink BMP, and the boys got their asses kicked in pool by the all-girls team. Benzo introduced several members to bouldering, and Beckbyxan showed us the best place in town for cocktails!

With SC being what it is a number of our officers have offered themselves up as Dungeon Masters, hosting D&D campaigns where people get to live out their role-playing fantasies. It’s been great for social bonding, and is an excellent excuse to drink excessively!

One of our main goals for 2019 was to increase our number of structured events, here is the total summary:

  • Social events: 22
  • Combat operations: 18
  • Industry operations: 3
  • Science operations: 3

As you can see, our main focus has been Social bonding and combat training. With the addition of caves and medical gameplay, we’re hoping for more and more interesting non-combat scenarios in the close future.

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

With several thousand organizations fighting over recruits on spectrum, the propaganda war is one big mess. Several of our applicants this year have been telling stories of joining bloated orgs with thousands upon thousands of members without a single person online. Video ads show remarkable tales of great battles and when you join the org is everything but dead.

Here at VoS we try to be as transparent as possible, warning applicants of Pre-Alpha fatigue and not to invest into ships that can be bought for in-game money. We understand that everything we say will be held accountable the second a person join our ranks, so we might as well be honest from the start.

We’ve updated our RSI page as a result and added an appendix to our Terms of agreement so that people know exactly what to expect when they join.

Whether in-game or IRL, looking good is a game in itself. The MOP takes great care in making designs people are proud to wear, not to mention worthy of the values and dedication they represent. We believe in personal freedom of speech and expression, and we believe one should look great when doing so.

This year we decided on Spreadshirt as our main provider, which means members have the freedom to customise their merch. The money gained will be all be funneled back into the community, funding infrastructure and community events.

Recruiting people for a Pre-Alpha game is a very bizarre endeavour, especially when group play is highly unreliable and barely supported. We are mainly looking to make friends for life (as in real life friends) and so we expect them not to join us only to play SC, but to make acquaintances. Sadly, the vast majority applying for SC-VoS wants to be part of a highly organized and creative team without actually doing anything.

Ever been to a group project in school only to realize you are doing all the work? Yea, with new applicants it’s like that most of the time.

This year we had over 40 applicants, yet we have only taken in 8 people, what does that tell you? We don’t want to become a bloated org, we’re looking for friends to socialize with, in-game and outside.

We understand that SC can be overwhelming for some, and since we have a lot of community members who are waiting for release before they enter the game, we’ve started preparing community guides and quizzes to make learning as fun and painless as possible.

Expanding on the Infantry Tactics Course from last year, we’ve hosted a number of combat campaigns, prolonged combat scenarios and more advanced infantry training in Arma 3.

One of the first ones was Urban Planners, that featured 8 SOF-operatives infiltrating and destabilizing infrastructure over 4 separate 5-hour  episodes.

The officer title is a fancy thing to have, and so many apply to become officers without actually knowing what it means. We’re looking for inspiring leaders, not authoritarian bosses, therefore we’ve restructured our officer program to teach young officers how to be a good leader, instead of promoting them to a position they haven’t earned, or turn them down because they are inexperienced. Sadly, this also means demoting officers who can’t take feedback or work in teams.

Proof of Competence has always been a big thing here at VoS, but we wanted something more than a simple checklist. Applying our creativity and keeping in line with our  military aesthetics, we introduced service ribbons the same way they are used in real life, with colors and requirements tied to divisions. With 52 of them to collect, the completionist in VoS will be busy for years.

As a part of our increasing infrastructure we have started compartmentalizing command as is common in EvE online in order to streamline discussion and offer spies a challenge (We know you hate it when it’s too easy ♥ ).

Xondor from [SHADOWVIPER] took it upon himself to collect neutral organizations into one large institution without forcing them to join alliances. If you’re the leader of a neutral org, we recommend you to join. Outside of that we’ve established contact with the SC Battle League and the Bad Token Race Club for our upcoming race team.

  • 59 members

    • With a quality over quantity mindset we closed all recruitment for a few months mid-year, cleaning out inactive people and refining our recruitment process. Landing at 47 with 36 active people and 9 inactive due to IRL-reasons, we’re pretty happy.
  • Science training

    • We had high hopes for science operation and medical gameplay at the start of the year, sadly it seems we will have to wait a bit longer.

2019 was a really buggy year, with some patches being downright unplayable as a team. We have no intent of treating SC as a single player game so for us it was a rough on occasions. However, being unable to play SC forced us to be creative, giving us some truly remarkable moments to remember.

In 2020 we look forward to forming a dedicated race team and ShroomsCon in Poland, meeting up in Gdansk for shenanigans!

If you wish to become more involved in the company, and help us build the best organization out there, make sure to let us know, because we are always in need of more good officers who can lead the way for others.

We hope you’ve had a merry Christmas and we wish you all the best in the year to come. None of this would be possible without the people who devote their time to make this organization work, and so I end this chronicle than by saying thank you and stay frosty.