Nothing in these Rules Of Engagement limits your right to take appropriate action to defend yourself, your unit or the company.

1. You have the right to use lethal force to defend the company name, yourself and property against attacks and threat of attacks.
2. An attack against a company member and/or property is an attack against VoS.
3. A threat against a company member and/or property is a threat against VoS.
4. Any and all action carried out by a company member is an action carried out by VoS.
5. A hostile action is to be met by a proportionate or greater act of force.
6. Hostile forces may be engaged on sight, unless any treaty or cease-fire is active.
7. Unnecessary humiliation of a defeated foe is to be avoided if possible, in order to avoid further risk to the company.
8. You may not seize the property of other company members without the owner’s consent.
9. Detention of civilians or foreign military personnel is authorized in order to accomplish your mission – all detention is to be reported to your closest commanding officer.

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